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Pray for an end of Mingi
Among some tribes in the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia
certain children are considered Mingi (Impure, Ritually polluted)
Reasons for being declared Mingi are:
Being born out of wedlock.
Being the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
Being born a twin.
Being born with a cleft lip or palate.
Being born with some sort of deformity or imperfection.
Having one's genitals injured in some way.
Having ones teeth develop in the upper jaw before the lower jaw.
Chipping a tooth during childhood.
Children declared Mingi are considered cursed by the spirits.
It is believed that if allowed to live a Mingi child will bring misfortune to the community.
Children declared Mingi are either abandoned to die or killed outright.
Mingi children are either drowned, starved, or, in the case of infants,
have dirt stuffed in their mouths so that they choke to death.
Please, please pray that this evil practice stop!
:bulletred: INFO AND WAYS TO HELP.
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Ada Wong RE2 Concept Art costume #2 comparison by Rejiclad Ada Wong RE2 Concept Art costume #2 comparison :iconrejiclad:Rejiclad 30 14 Ada Wong RE4 Assignment cosplay II by Rejiclad Ada Wong RE4 Assignment cosplay II :iconrejiclad:Rejiclad 59 24 Ada Wong Biohazard 2 cosplay VII by Rejiclad Ada Wong Biohazard 2 cosplay VII :iconrejiclad:Rejiclad 45 20 ada LEON by 3SMJILL ada LEON :icon3smjill:3SMJILL 138 26
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Below is a list of songs that remind us of Aeon. Feel free to suggest songs that remind you of them. :heart:
Poison ❤ Rita Ora
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“Do you need any help?”
“Thanks but I’m almost done, handsome.”
“I’ll stay and watch your technique anyway.”
“What are you-”
“I like the view from over your shoulder, beautiful.”
“I think you’re purposefully distracting me with your hands, Kennedy.”
“I love spending time with my gorgeous wife.”
“Your flattery won’t work when time is not on our side right now.”
“We always scrape by.”
“Your parents will not be impressed by a daughter-in-law who can’t feed them a little snack.”
“Since when did you care about what others thought of you?”
“They’re my in-laws and it is unlikely that I’ll be disappearing from their lives any time soon.”
“True. And I do want them to have a taste of this divine banana, walnut, and chocolate chip loaf.”
“How about you help me oil the bread tin, dea
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"Butterflies hover and feathers appear, whenever lost loved ones and angels are near."
It is said that when a nation is lying deep in the oblivion of forgetfulness, unaware of it's demerits, turpitude and the destructiveness caused by the very evils produced by it, some incidents occur in the most unnatural and unimaginable way to shake it. I must say that the same happened in Pakistan on December 16,2014. A day no person worth being called a 'human' can ever forget. A day that history will always be contemptible to link to itself. A day truly able to be called Black Day in the history of Pakistan.
A school in Peshawar named Army Public School was attacked by brutal terrorists resulting in the death of more than a hundred and fifty students and teachers. It is a dark spot that no one will ever be able to undo. The life loss, mental pressure and shock, screams of children filling the air in the most horrible way were all too much to bear.
People, especially children who had witnessed the incident were taken to rehabilitation centres. But we can not deny the fact that time heals all sorrows no matter how deep they are. Same can not be said for the parents, friends or relatives of those who were the victims of this ferocious attack. But what is that we can do?
Marching in the form of groups from one place to another with candles in hands is not the solution. Nor is the all so ragged statement of politicians that they 'condemn' the incident. Why think about the solutions and actions after a bloody massacre happens? Why sit in front of the cameras and tell the whole world how sorry we feel? These acts are not the habits of civilized nations.
Sad incidents like this are completely natural. You never know when something like this is gonna happen. So why not be ready with all the arrangements and challenge our enemies to come and face us if they can! With firm belief in God , yourself and your country nothing is impossible.
The victims of Peshawar school attack fulfilled their responsibility as a person, as a human and most of all as a Pakistani. Now it is up to us to do our job whole heartedly or to let their sacrifice go all in vain.

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Ayesha Aeon
I'm an engineering student and a great fan of Resident Evil game series characters Leon and Ada, popular as Aeon. They're the reason that I'm using this website along with FanFiction and many others.
I'm not good in painting or drawing but I sure write stories that are worth reading. You won't regret at least.
Shipping Aeon Love for ever and ever. <3 <3


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SeekHim Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

Thanks for the watch. :)

I notice you’re from Pakistan


I've found that a lot of people here in the U.S. don't know much about their own country, much less anyone else's.  :(


I post prayer updates about different countries. Part of the reason is to raiseawareness about what's going on in the rest of the world. If I notice someone on DA  is from another country, If I've done their country I let them know. Its my way of letting them know that others are thinking about their home. :)


This update is about your home!…


GOD bless

John 3:16

AyeshaAeon Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015
And Thanks to you too.
Most of the people just don't have complete knowledge about other countries and look down upon them. Unfortunately Pakistan is one them, despite it's utmost efforts for peace.
AyeshaAeon Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015
Your Welcome. And yes, I'm from Pakistan.